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Choosing A Lender


Selecting a mortgage lender should be based on more than just the lowest rate or lowest fees. Gather a few rate quotes, and then follow up with some research and interviews before you choose the lender who is right for you.


You want to sit down with two or three lenders to make sure you find one who's a good fit, the right match for you as a borrower rather than a product pusher. Mortgage lending should be a collaborative process.


A good lender can qualify you for a loan and offer advice on ways to improve your credit and should talk to you about mortgage payments in context with the rest of your financial plan.


Asking friends, family and co-workers for lender referrals can be helpful, along with checking with a local bank.





Recommended Lenders

Gary Warstler

Loan Officer

(713) 387-9873


Nicholas Gilbert

Loan Officer

(713) 349-6212


Mark Labouchardiere

Sr. Branch Manager

(713) 568-5046


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