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Edited by Deja Land

You want buyers to imagine themselves at home

Make buyers imagine themselves at home. Elegantly set up your dining room table as if dinner was prepared and waiting to be served. Allow buyers to imagine sitting at your table with their family and friends for a decadent evening. Leave a few Home & Garden, Travel, or Time magazines laid out nicely on your coffee table and removed everything else, including electronic remotes. We want to let the buyer’s imagination wander, not tell them how you live there. It’s similar to going to a nice hotel – you want the room perfect for you when you arrive, without a trace of the previous visitor, so you can relax and make yourself comfortably at home.


Let the Sun Shine Through - Light Up Your Home

Let the sun shine through! An abundance of natural light is a key selling point. Potential buyers want a home to be light and fresh. Keep windows free of large furniture, heavy curtains or drapes, and be sure to keep them crystal clear! If the lighting in your home is dull or diluted, try brightening the place up! Tastefully place lamps throughout your home where a corner may be a little dark or a room needs brightened. Change out light bulbs with higher wattage clear bulbs, but be sure you do not exceed the safety recommended watt limit. There are many brightening lights available and it makes a huge difference in the showing of your home.


Curb Appeal

You want your buyers to fall in love with your home before they even step foot out of their car. Imagine driving by a home with a “FOR SALE” sign and a mediocre, patchy, bland.  Now, imagine driving by that same house and noticing lush manicured landscaping, healthy rich green grass, and the pops of color in the assorted blooming flowers lining the wrap around drive. Notice the bold red door accented by the colorful hanging plants and red brick exterior. Now you are interested! Buyers who fall in love with the landscaping are more adamant about seeing the home. Make sure your home doesn’t get lost in the competition.




First and foremost you must be ready, willing, and driven. Prepare yourself to let go and move on

There is a great deal of competition when it comes to Real Estate and selling your home. Impressionable, well-kept homes are more likely to get higher offers and quicker sales! In many cases, it is as simple as rearranging furniture to showcase your homes architectural features, or packing your personal items so buyers focus on your home and not your lifestyle. I understand it may be uncomfortable at first to take down cherished photos and items that personally mean something to you, but this is beneficial in the sale of your home.


The sooner your home sells, the sooner you can begin making memories, placing photos, and adding your personal touches to your new home!

Indulge their senses

Cater to one of the most overpowering senses, their scent! They say, “If you can smell it you can’t sell it!” A harsh but very true statement in Real Estate. Unless, of course, we’re talking about rose buds and baking cookies, a smell can make or break a deal.


I know we love our little furry friends but not everyone shares the same mutual feeling. If you’re a pet owner keep your pets clean and well groomed. Try to steer clear of strong smelling wet pet food, and be sure to keep the litter box(es) cleaned. Arm & Hammer deodorizing carpet powder works wonders in a litter box. Also, plug-ins throughout the house are always recommended.


Many spices including curry, garlic, & onion, tend to have a very strong and lingering odor. It is highly recommended to refrain from cooking with these spices during the sell of your home – or you may lose a potential buyer.   Yes, it can make that big of an impact! If you’re feeling creative in the kitchen try baking fresh cookies or a nice apple pie. Win your buyers over with their sweet tooth and leave some out on a “Please help yourself” platter or tray alongside some decorative napkins.


Thoroughly clean your home with household cleaners to completely deodorize. Be sure to take out the trash regularly, including bathroom garbage and even baby diaper bins. Refrain from smoking cigarettes or pipes in the home. Take advantage or carpet fresheners, candles, potpourri, and one of the oldest tricks in the book, good old-fashioned fresh air.


Give that Warm & Fuzzy Feeling - Your House is Their New Home

Give your buyer’s that warm and fuzzy feeling, showing them how you made a house a home. You just finished ready that you need to removed the majority of your personal photographs and belonging throughout your home, but leaving a few family photos is okay. Set out three or four framed photos throughout your home showing happiness and love in the home. Make a stop at your local floral department and pick up an assortment of bright and fresh flowers., Flowers not only bright up a spot, but they’re beautiful to the eyes and give a sense of warmth to any room. Use them to decorate your dining, freshen up your nightstand, or add color to your guest bathroom. Get creative and welcome your buyer home!


Declutter to allow buyers to really see your home. Pack personal belongings and toss out what you don’t want to bring to your new home. Counters, tables, nightstands, & dressers should be clear, except for maybe a few decorative touches (flowers, candles, etc.) - nothing that would take attention away from the home or could possibly turn off a buyer.


You want to steer clear of anything that has potential to distract the buyer from truly seeing the architectural and the cosmetically appealing features of your home.

Make your home Inviting

Make your home inviting! Clean your front door/entry & polish the handle/knob, key lock, & knocker on your door. If there are windows in your entry be sure to make them crystal clear. Make sure all debris is kept clear of the entry of your home, including the stairs and walkways. Put out a fresh “Welcome” matt and some potted plants. Make your very first impression count! You are not just cordially welcoming buyers, you’re welcoming them to their new home! Warm their hearts before they even open the front door.



Neutralize Colors & Decor

Any bold decorations, sculptures, and décor need to be removed. You want your home to be neutral in color and style to appeal the greatest to any and all potential buyers. Bright blue checkered boys rooms and baby pink polka dot girl rooms are cute, and of course the children love them, but when trying to sell a home you have to keep in mind not all buyers are going to feel the same way. Your extra large trophy or that prized deer head on the wall are also going to turn off some buyers and have the potential to cause you to lose a sale. It wouldn’t be the first time a buyer made their decisions based on the sole decision that an animal head is staring down at them. Eccentric art work, outdated wall murals, and that bold black, white, and bright red kitchen may have given you years of satisfaction, however, neutral sells – so pack up the two foot crystal rooster from your wedding and find peace in simplicity.

Neat & Tidy

Neat and tidy as opposed to disorganized and distracting! Clean out and organize closets, drawers, under counters, etc. Buyers usually understand that you’re still living at home, but it helps if coats, blankets, shoes, umbrellas, knick-knacks, etc… are not crowding or cluttering a space. When closets aren’t stuffed full and piled high, as I now many of us love to do, they appear larger and more inviting to buyer’s visualizing their belongings fitting perfectly in place. It’s very common for most potential buyers visualizing theirbelongings fitting perfectly in place. It’s very common for most potential buyers to test drawers, look in nooks and crannies, and investigate behind every door. So, whatever isn’t essential, clear out!

Yes – This includes junk drawers! Whatever you don’t need during the sell of your home pack up and store away in the attic or rent a temporary storage unit. You want your home to feel OPEN and ready for the buyer’s to move right in. You never want a prospective buyer to feel cramped, especially with their first impression of your home.


Make a trip to The Container Store for essential organizing products & ideas.


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